The 10,000 Hours Sports Practice Rule!

ByThe IGFA On 10 May, 2019


Would diligently observing the 10,000 hours sports practice rule position you to making it big in football? Malcolm Gladwell named it the 10,000-hour rule; the 10,000 hours sports practice rule means that if you complete 10,000 hours of focused practice in football or any other sports, you will achieve a professional ranking status.

Sure, it seems right, it implies an average of 3 hours of focused practice or playing a day for ten years, and you'll be on the verge of becoming the next big name in football or your chosen sports. I am convinced looking at the achievements of the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, William sisters, Roger Federer, Lewis Hamilton and Tiger Wood who are the biggest names in their chosen sports today all observed the 10,000 hours rule and kept it close to their heart. “Success is not for everybody” Treasure this quote as gold it will guide you into your dream if you desire to become the best in your chosen sports.

It is noted that kids aren’t practising enough, and the system in some countries is not helping them to thrive, no adequate facilities and resources, and as such the kids are not having the necessary or amount of touches required on the ball, which is one of the prerequisites of becoming a brilliant player.

It is also understood that the above challenges are not the only one facing the kids, research has it that they will need to practice at least 2 to 3 hours per day which entail on the field or off the field practice to be a professional player. However, our culture and attitude in some countries pose a challenge towards kids’ development in football or other sports.

However, achieving the 10,000 hour sports practice rule would be an uphill task in these situations, but even if you reach it, it is not a guarantee that it would lead to success, I can assure you that “it is the right step towards making it big in professional football or whatsoever sports you are into”

Moreso, the 10,000 hours sport rule is not a means to an end, but you will definitely find success if not perfection in football or other sports if you have the patience to succeed, the right mental attitude, the right mentor, a positive commitment and most profoundly, the love of the sports to be the best in it.

So, the idea is, If you start playing football or whatever sport you are involved in at age 6 or 7 observing the 10,000 hours sports practice rule in its totality, it is evident that at age 16 you should be in your best, enough to be a professional footballer. It is not that simple to achieve, it requires someone unique and of a sound mind, a rare person who is committed enough to work at their goal day in and day out.