Eradicate HIV/AIDS from the grassroots

ByThe IGFA on 10 May, 2019


The IGFA HIV/AIDS awareness agenda is an idea that is driving through The IGFA internal users’ section. The International Grassroots Football Associate internal platform is an incredible all-in-one grassroots football career network design with the male and female grassroots football clubs in mind. The initial impression behind the establishment of The IGFA internal all-in-one grassroots football career network is to advance, the grassroots football clubs and players internationally and giving priority to destroying the HIV/AIDS deadly virus strategically from the grassroots. The IGFA creates the right environment and atmosphere to make the players enjoy the round leather game then introduce the HIV/AIDS awareness campaign targeted at the grassroots football clubs and players to eradicate the HIV/AIDS virus from the grassroots through football to save lives.

The IGFA is empowering football players through football, intending to reduce crimes in the communities by taking talented grassroots/amateur football players off the streets and give them a life, a profession that will see them enjoying football and earn a living from it by doing so, we are turning hopeless dreams into reality.

This campaign is positively yielding tremendous results, and we are continually making contacts with numerous vulnerable grassroots and amateur football players. With the introduction of this scheme, we have saved a lot of lives from the grassroots through football. The IGFA HIV/AIDS awareness campaign packs are distributed worldwide to all the subscribed grassroots football clubs for distribution to their members, fans, and spectators.

The IGFA has all the proficient proficiency required to manage and provide to the needs of its members. Apart from being incorporated under the company house of England and Wales, we are also a member of the Professional Football Scouting Association (PFSA) in England and work in partnership with a host of football agencies, FAs and partners/sponsors around the world. We are registered with the English FA as a player intermediary.

Subscribe to The IGFA or register to become a partner or sponsor to help us in the fight for destroying the HIV/AIDS virus from the grassroots through football to save lives. To subscribe as a grassroots/amateur football club visit us at And to register as a partner/sponsor visit us at

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