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ByThe IGFA on 10 May, 2019


The International Grassroots Football Associate Ltd – The IGFA. Is an all-in-one football career network develop for football clubs, players, agents, and scouts to connect from the comfort of their homes, offices, hotels or even on the go. Our all-in-one career platform is a complete resource for grassroots or professional football clubs and players to establish their professional football career internationally. The IGFA all-in-one career platforms have simplified and removed the difficulties linked with a player transfer and grassroots football club advancement.

Are you battling to lunch a career in professional football or grow your grassroots football club? The IGFA is your correct solution! Make the most of The IGFA six months free subscription to kick-start your football career or establish your grassroots football players and club professionally. So, if your eyes are tired of searching for a new football club or thinking of expanding your grassroots football club, seek or think no more! Subscribe to The IGFA external or internal all-in-one career platforms to start connecting with the different participants of football and, also advance your grassroots football club globally.

We have all the expert knowledge required to manage and provide to the needs of the users as well as our clients. Apart from being incorporated under the company house of England and Wales, we are a member of the Professional Football Scouting Association (PFSA) in England and work in partnership with a host of football agencies, FAs, and partners/sponsors around the world. More so, we are also registered with the English FA as a player intermediary.

Your solution has come, we have the professional capabilities to place you in the right place of your career, so put an end to all your worries and subscribe to The IGFA to start harvesting the countless benefits of using The IGFA all-in-one career platforms. Visit us at https://theigfa.co.uk and https://internal.theigfa.co.uk respectively.

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